Our purpose

To provide, develop and lead service planning and future developments to improve educational, health and wellbeing outcomes in the early years of children’s development and to support collaborative early years initiatives.


Our vision

  • A service that is easy to get to, welcoming and family-friendly.
  • A service that provides simple access to a range of child and family programs.
  • A service that is personalised and able to respond to the individual needs children and families.
  • A service that is inclusive of all families.
  • A service that is available for use for a variety of community activities.
  • A service that is flexible and offers programs and services at times that works best for families.
  • A service that provides a comfortable environment for families to meet other families.
  • A service where children, families and staff feel safe and can have fun.
  • A service that enhances children’s health and development.
  • A service that enhances the development of families, communities and staff.
  • A service that meets the families’ support needs.
  • A service that provides information to parents about services, resources and facilities available to help them meet the needs of their children and families.
  • A service environment that meets staff support needs, and is professionally and personally rewarding place for staff to work.
  • A service that influences and is influenced by other services.


Our outcomes/objectives

  • More families engaged with and make use of the services provided.
  • Families make better use of the services they access.
  • Families and children grow through the programs offered.
  • Families’ needs are met more effectively.
  • Families make connections and friendships with other families in the community.
  • There is improved liaison between staff.
  • More children and families with additional needs use the service.
  • Staff feel an increased level of professional support and the service becomes a
  • preferred place to work.
  • The staff and families are committed to a shared set of values and practices.



Our philosophy

The aim of an effective kindergarten program is to provide a learning environment which is flexible so that children will find varied opportunities in which they can learn social behaviours which benefit both the individual and the group, develop critical thinking, learn to solve problems, discover, collect, and classify information about the world, build and clarify concepts, extend present knowledge and experience, learn about words, and explore usage and meanings for effective communication with others.

Children & Families

  • That early childhood is a time that needs be celebrated and valued.
  • A child’s learning needs to be fostered in a play based environment.
  • Children need to feel safe in their learning environment, where experiences are challenging, interesting, child initiated, child directed and child supported.
  • A child’s individuality is central to programme planning.
  • A strong collaborative relationship between the children’s families, culture, educators, professionals and community is necessary to develop a trusting and supportive environment that enables the children to develop their own sense of identity, voice and understanding of their world.
  • In providing a stimulating and inspirational program, where curiosity, creativity and a love of learning is fostered.
  • In empowering children with skills, attitudes and knowledge that will help them to develop mutually respectful and rewarding relationships with people who are similar to and different from themselves.



  • That the kindergarten staff will willingly implement reflective practices, so that they continue to be responsive to the children’s learning and their own teaching styles.
  • That each kindergarten environment will allow staff members to be treated with respect, honesty and dignity.
  • That the kindergarten staff will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities and will be supported and valued in performing these duties.
  • That a culture of commitment to ongoing professional development is to be developed and maintained.
  • The words honesty and integrity will be central to all dealings involving kindergarten children, families, staff and board members.
  • That the staff will be encouraged to continually challenge their knowledge and beliefs.


Board of Management

  • That NSEYC Inc. core values are based on integrity, respect for the law and compliance thereof, emphasis on best practice and a caring spirit.
  • That good governance will enable the organization to operate in a manner that meets with ethical, legal and business expectations and at the same time fulfil its responsibilities to the children and families attending our services, our funding body and that staff who work at the services.
  • The management team is fully empowered to take the organization forward within the framework of effective accountability, which in turn enables the conversion of opportunities into achievements for the betterment of the organization.
  • Systems are in place for strategic planning, risk management, financial plans and budgets, integrity of internal controls and reporting, communications policy with emphasis on transparency and full disclosure on the various facets of the organizations operations, its functioning and its financials and total compliance with all statutory/ regulatory requirements not only in the letter of the law but also in its spirit.