Northern Schools Early Years Cluster Inc.

The NSEYC Inc. was formed by members of the Broadmeadows Primary School’s Principal Network. This select group and the early year’s staff working in the local area have a long history of best practice and establishing innovative programs. Their vision in developing this cluster was to continue to support local families and meet changing community needs by providing an instrument that would be able to facilitate the introduction of 15 hours of kindergarten, promote and improve kindergarten attendance, attract and retain kindergarten staff, develop collegiate relationships between teaching professionals and ensure that the kindergartens were financially viable.

The NSEYC Inc. recognized that a central body with a robust governance structure and expertise in managing kindergarten services could relieve the burden on school councils and committees, create attractive employment opportunities, create stronger and useful links between existing services, provide a commitment to the education of kindergarten aged children and their families, promote the benefits of kindergarten within the local area, explore how kindergartens and how primary schools can work together to address issues of school readiness and transition, allow teachers to teach and ensure parents can participate in their child’s kindergarten experience.

The cluster’s sole purpose is about improving outcomes for the children.