Our model

The NSEYC is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that was originally formed in 2011 by a group of primary school principals in the Broadmeadows area to provide Early Years Management for 5 kindergarten services on their school sites. Their aim was to better support local families and meet changing community needs, while providing a platform to support the implementation of important government reforms to the early childhood sector.

They NSEYC has grown over time and now manages a total of 16 early childhood services (as of Term 1 2024). Our governance and management structure has changed to adapt to the needs of a larger organisation, however the original intent remains at the core of our purpose: to Love a Life of Learning and Living.

Partnerships and collaboration are central to the way we work. Our collaborative governance model features strong oversight and involvement of local primary schools and other partners. For example, the NSEYC Board of Directors includes local government and community sector representatives, as well as school principals, which supports both continuity of learning between our early childhood services and schools, as well as genuine connections with our local communities.

Most of our services are located on school sites and operate as a Kindergarten to Year 6 (K-6) model, where the kindergarten is considered a part of the school community. This has enormous benefits for children and families, including:

  • making it easier for families who have children at kindergarten and school
  • providing the opportunity to develop connections and familiarity with the school environment and teachers, which supports a positive transition when children commence their formal schooling
  • giving children access to a broader ranges of facilities and programs (such as a library, gymnasium, kitchen gardens, music and language programs etc.)
  • supporting continuity of learning for children from early childhood into Foundation/Prep.

We see families as children’s first and most important educators, and as such we encourage parents to be involved in our programs. Across the communities we work with there are varying levels of interest and capacity to be involved due to the varied demographics and complex challenges faced by some families, therefore we provide a range of opportunities to suit families.